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Stinky Washer Solution


Do you have a stinky washer? I don't... anymore.

A couple of years ago, I got a brand new washer and dryer.

The washer is the fancy "high efficiency" kind that uses less water and detergent than its predecessors.  It takes a special detergent, that won't produce too many suds.

It works beautifully and I love everything about it.  That is - everything except the smell I started to notice on my clothes, especially the towels.  It was a mildewy, dirty sock smell that nobody in the family was fond of.

At first, I thought maybe the clothes didn't appreciate me leaving them in the washer overnight, like I was in the habit of doing.  I changed my routine and made sure to put them in the dryer as soon as they were through washing, but the smell remained.

I changed detergent, but that didn't help either.  I was flummoxed until I came across an ad for a product that is specifically designed to remedy stinky washers.

It turns out that the detergent and fabric softener build up on the drum of the washer and form a sticky, stinky wall of gunk that breeds mildew! The water passes over this sticky gunk on the way to the clothes.  No wonder they smelled like mildewed socks!

This is especially a problem for the high efficiency washers, because they use less water and the detergent is thicker, so it is harder to rinse away.

There are a few different solutions for this, and they all require monthly maintenance.

One solution is to run the empty washer on the "clean" cycle with a cup of bleach.  I alternate this with running it on "clean" with a cup of vinegar about once a month.  (Don't mix vinegar and bleach, unless you are trying to create a bomb! In that case, I can not be held responsible for the laundry shrapnel that could possibly result.)

Another solution is to use a product like SMELLY WASHER CLEANER [3], which is specifically designed to clean stinky washers.

I also remember my frugal fabric softener [4] trick and that helps eliminate gunky build up, too.

Now my washer and my clothes smell fresh and clean again!

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