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Let Kids Dress Themselves


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My husband is a compulsive channel flipper, so the other day I saw about 3.7 minutes of the show Super Nanny.

Have y'all seen it?

Whoa. Talk about children who need some disciplinary measures!

In the particular episode I saw a snatch of, the mother was a perfectionist and would not allow her children to dress themselves. Ever.

The Super Nanny's suggestion was that the children were misbehaving in order to maintain some level of control in their own lives.

I don't know whether her idea is right or not, but I do know that, whenever possible, I like to let my children dress themselves for several reasons.

  1. Saves time on my part.
  2. Child practices life skills.
  3. Gives the child confidence in decision making.
  4. Makes the child happy.
  5. Which makes me happy.

And when I say "whenever possible" I mostly mean when we will be spending the day at home because then I won't have any strange looks to pretend I don't see.

Today provided an opportunity to do just that and this is what my three year old came up with, completely on her own.


**"Color bookin'" is a term I was introduced to my seventh grade year. I was accused of it when I allegedly wore a mismatched outfit to school. A dear, sweet peer who was concerned with my shaky social status informed me, "GIRL! You be color bookin'!"

It's one of those terms that you can't lay your finger on, but you know it when you see it.