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Managing Computer Time


[2]This edition of Works For Me Wednesday is another "backwards" edition, wherein bloggers are asking for tips instead of giving them.  **(Okay, so being the super smart blogger that I am, I got the dates mixed up for the backwards edition! Please, disregard my bumbling efforts at actually having my ducks in a row, and by all means give me your best advice! Next week I'm sure I'll have some handy dandy tips on how paper towels are nifty for wiping up spills and cell phones are great as portable communication devices!)

The tips I would like to gather from you today are about managing computer time.

Savvy bloggers know a certain amount of social networking is good for the health of the ol' blog. That means we bloggers must not only spend time composing, editing, and publishing post material, but also using media like Twitter and Facebook to network with other bloggers.

The thing is, if I am Twittering when no one else is on, it isn't doing much good. Kind of like talking to myself, which I would never do and you can't prove anything so that's the story I'm sticking with.


Any tips will be appreciated, as I am hoping to be more efficient in my time management in 2010!