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Thumb Sucking: Breaking the Habit


[2]You know how I told you last week was the "Backwards Edition of Works For Me Wednesday [3]"? Only, in another case of my Half-Heimers acting up again [4], that was completely wrong? Well, this week is the REAL LIVE "Backwards Edition" where bloggers are asking questions and hoping readers will have answers.

No foolin' this time! So here's where I need your advice:

We just took six of the children in for dental check ups and were told that two of them were going to need dental appliances because their bites were malformed due to thumb or finger sucking! I need all your best tips, friends!


We have three thumb or finger suckers, two of which the dentist characterized as "aggressive suckers" which has affected their bites.

So, hit me with your best shot. What are your best tips for breaking the thumb sucking habit?