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Coming Soon to a Smockity Near You


Beginning on March 11, I will be participating in a weekly series with two magnificent bloggers who are letting me ride on their coat tails. I may or may not have begged them to let me into their club, but let's not talk about that, okay?

Kim (mom of 10) from Life in a Shoe [2]and Kimberly (another mom of 10) from Raising Olives [3] are joining with me to present the series which will include posts on scheduling, meals, chores, homeschooling, and more.

We are working out all the details as we speak, and are open to suggestions from our readers as to what you would like to see us write about.

We haven't firmly nailed down a name for our little gig, but I'm thinking along the lines of  "How Moms of Many Manage Maniac Monkeys" or something like that.

So, do you have topics you would like to see in our series? What about a catchy title?