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CrockPot Carnival


Link up your CrockPot recipe here! [2]


Look at the handy dandy CrockPot my sweet mama gave me for Christmas! I am absolutely giddy over it! It has 3 separate crocks, all with their own controls!

I use my CrockPot about once a week, when I know I am going to be away from home for the afternoon. I love coming home to the savory smell of dinner cooking.

The trouble is, I don't have a whole big lot of CrockPot recipes to choose from. This is where you come in, friends.  I need your help! I need your best (and simplest) CrockPot recipes.

But wait! Don't tell me now. Mull it over, search your cookbooks, ask your mother, and then come back here on Monday to link up to my "What's In Your CrockPot?" carnival.

You'll be giving me a hand with my CrockPot cooking arsenal, PLUS you'll get lots of visitors from good ol' Smockity who are dying to see what recipe you came up with!

It's a win-win!

Now, get those recipes ready and spread the word!

See you Monday!