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A Visit From Friends


I'm happy to report that we all had a fabulous visit with our friends. Here is a picture of all 18 children.  [2] [3] 

Do not ask me what is up with my 5 year old daughter's jeans. Maybe she is starting a new fashion trend? And even though it looks like two of the boys in front were about to have a throw down in the driveway, you'll be glad to know there was no blood spilled the entire day!

Actually, the children played together peacefully and quietly while The Mommys enjoyed visiting.

Thanks for all the fabulous suggestions for what to serve for lunch [4]. After considering the "mess factor", I finally decided to go with some hot dogs we had in the freezer that my husband had snagged on sale a while back. I served those with sides of  popcorn and pineapple chunks, mandarin oranges, and banana slices.

So, now I'm curious. Have you ever entertained this many children in your home? What is the largest family you have ever invited over? Does this picture frighten you?