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Advice, Please


Everyone in Smockityville is looking forward to a long overdue visit on Friday with some of our good friends [2] I have posted about before. They now have 11 children, from ages 2-ish to 15-ish. 9 of those are boys, so my son is especially excited!

I need your help, though! What should I serve 18 children for lunch? Keep in mind the growing boy factor, which means all suggestions should be hearty and filling. Other factors to consider are ease (did I mention there will be 18 children running around my house who will need varying levels of attention?), and frugality.

We are working with an extreeeeeeemely tight budget these days, so I would love to hear your suggestions for super frugal meals which are quick and easy, but hearty and filling.

Is that so much to ask?

And while you're in the mood for giving advice, I'm having trouble deciding on how to spend a $15 dollar credit I won at Mimi's Babies Etsy shop [3]. Hop on over there and you'll see why I can't decide! Everything is super cute PLUS! What should I choose?

Thirdly, (WHAT?! I'm indecisive, okay!) Sodderbug [4] has offered me one of her necklaces, PLUS a giveaway for one of you. (More on the giveaway later.) The trouble is, I don't think I can fit my seven children on one of the necklaces without shrinking each one down to the size of pinpoint, and, well, what's the point of that?

So, I'm considering a Bible verse or a saying. What do you think?