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An Apology


From the very beginning, I have always wanted this blog to be a blessing, something to help others, and never to hurt. I wanted to make people laugh, even in the midst of parenting trials.

It has become evident that I have not achieved that goal. I have unintentionally caused hurt and pain and for that I am truly sorry.

When I described a situation I observed recently, I was seeing in my mind and describing on my blog behavior that I have witnessed dozens of times in my own seven children and hundreds of students during my eight years as a school teacher.  The behavior I described was nothing more to me than childishness and impatience, but I can see now that the words I used were viewed as symptoms of autism and many people were offended.

The most grievous part, for me, is that this has brought dishonor to the name of Christ, and that is wholly the opposite of my life's mission.

It is my sincere hope that this apology will bring healing and peace.

Given the nature of many of the emails I have received, please understand why I feel it is necessary to close the comments on this post.