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Tutorial Tuesday: Simple Books Children Can Make


Here is a tutorial on simple books children can make.

The supplies you will need for this project are:

(Scroll down for further explanations and photos.)

The marks I made on the folds of the paper weren't as visible in the video as I would have liked, so I'm including some photos here and some further explanation.

The measurements don't matter as much as that the center cut and the outer cuts must equal the length of the fold. For instance, if you make the center cut 4 inches, then each cut on the outer edge must be 2 1/4 inches to equal the 8 1/2 inch length of the fold.


I just place the folded paper in a stack, so I can be sure that the outer marks meet the inner mark. No measuring necessary.

An adult should fold and mark the pages for young children.

Remember, more "tubes" of "outer cut" pages can be put inside the "center cut" page for a longer book. This must be done before the gluing step.


Here are some examples of different configurations of lined paper your child can put in his book.


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