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4 Moms Discuss Cooking From Scratch



It's Thursday, which means the 4 Moms are discussing How Moms of Many Manage. This week's topic is "Cooking From Scratch". Check out what the other moms are saying about cooking from scratch.

Just today, a friend of my husband's was asking him how in the world he can afford to support 10 people on one income. My husband explained a few of the principles we live by, like driving vehicles that are paid for, rarely eating out, and considering "needs" versus "wants" before making purchases.

The friend was impressed that when we want pizza for dinner, we make our own from scratch instead of ordering it or going out to eat.

That conversation got me considering the choices for family dining, in order of expense:

Obviously, the more work you let others do, the more expensive it will be. Now, none of these choices will make you more righteous or a better wife or mother, but if frugal is your goal, you'll want to head to the bottom of the list.

We very rarely eat out or buy fast food, and only use convenience foods if we find a super bargain on them (like the free frozen lasagna I scored with a coupon last month).

I occasionally use prepared mixes if I'm in a serious time crunch, but my goal is to cook from scratch as much as possible. I feel good knowing that I'm saving money simply by mixing the flour and baking soda together myself instead of buying a packet of pre-made mix.

It really only takes a few seconds longer to add the ingredients myself, and I figure if I'm going to get out a bowl and crack eggs into it anyway, I might as well do the rest myself, too.  Every little bit of money I can save is helping our large family manage on one income.

Here are a few of my from scratch recipes:

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