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Cooking For a Crowd

Posted By Smockity Frocks On April 22, 2010 @ 7:00 am In 4 Moms,Recipes | 13 Comments



┬áThis week the 4 Moms [2]are sharing recipes and tips on cooking for a crowd, and by crowd, I mean feeding my family of soon to be 10. For company, I use my old stand bys and double them. If you have a “normal” size family, you can still use these recipes, but you’ll want to cut them in half or plan on eating the same meal all week.

I generally like to go with casseroles or one dish dinners for a company size crowd, since I can make my budget stretch more with additions of rice or pasta.

Here are a few of our favorite recipes:



  • Fall Fry [9]
  • Be sure to check out what recipes the┬árest of my 4 Moms, 35 Kids team use for crowds!

    And NOW it’s your turn! What recipes do you have up your sleeve when it comes to cooking for a crowd? Enter your link below and it will show up on all 4 Moms’ sites!

    Remember to link to the specific post with your recipe and please, provide a link back here so your readers can share in the fun!

    1. Smockity Frocks [13]
    2. Raising Olives – Lentil Chili – Cranberry Roast – Stroganoff [11]
    3. Raising Arrows {Lunch for a Bunch} [14]
    4. Phoebe @ GettingFreedom(Baked Beans for a Crowd)) [15]
    5. Amy @ Finer Things (Cavatini and more) [16]
    6. Anita (cooking for a crowd or the freezer) [17]
    7. DHM, cooking for a crowd [12]
    8. Cyndi L. (Inside out turkey cheese burgers) [18]
    9. KimC (pudding, bread, enchilada sauce) [10]
    10. Cooking for the multitudes (Balancing Beauty/Bedlam) [19]
    11. Linda @ Gluten-Free Homemaker (Mexican Lasagna) [20]
    12. Plymouth Rock Ranch (Whole Wheat Pumpkin Spice Waffles) [21]
    13. Betty- [22]
    14. Alicia’s Homemaking–Bean and Sausage Stew [23]
    15. Milehimama (Tips to stretch food and Swiss Steak) [24]
    16. HoosierHomemade{Homemade Meatballs} [25]
    17. Girls and sunflowers (dressing for the masses!) [26]
    18. Gwen T [27]
    19. Raising a Quiverfull (Shredded pork tacos) [28]
    20. Empty the Pantry Casserole [29]
    21. Big pot of yummy Lentil Stew @ Every Precious Joy [30]
    22. Vickie (Crock Pot Burritos & Lasagna [31]
    23. Amber (Plaza III Soup, Potato-Cheese Soup) [32]
    24. Dewey’s Treehouse (White Vegetable Lasagna) [33]
    25. NerdFamily Food (Chicken, Spinach and Corn Enchiladas) [34]
    26. Angela @ Blissfully Single [35]
    27. Mrs. Hearts [36]
    28. HoosierHomemade{Make-Ahead Meals} [37]
    29. Kitchen Stewardship – 4 kinds of Pasta Salad for a Crowd [38]
    30. Olivia@Of Such is the Kingdom (Pasta Salad) [39]

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