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HiveMoms Story Contest: Win $250!


*This is a sponsored post. I am being compensated for telling you about HiveMoms.


Have you heard of HiveMoms [2]? It is a website where moms can input their personal information to meet moms and find playgroups in their area. You can even join a co-op (or start one if there isn't one in your area) to swap babysitting favors.  Watch a short video here to see how HiveMoms works [3].

To spread the word about the website, HiveMoms is having a story contest [4]in which the winner will receive $250 cash! Wouldn't it be something if one of the Smockity readers won?! You never know until you try! Everyone could use an extra 250 American cash dollars, right?

Here is what HiveMoms says about the contest:

We will choose the winner based on whom we feel has written “The Best Story That Compels Readers To Find Out More About HiveMoms”.
Some possible topics could be:
(a)   A good experience you had with a babysitting co-op.
(b)   How babysitting co-ops can help you save.
(c)   The different types of babysitting co-ops.
(d)   The best ways of starting a babysitting co-op.
(e)   How to find a babysitter.
(f)    How homeschooling and babysitting co-ops go together.
Be sure to read all the rules for the contest [4]for the best chance of winning.
The contest deadline is May 9, 2010, so don't delay! Start writing your story today!