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Need More Stress in Your Life?


Do you have a quiet life? Even dull perhaps? Do you feel the need to add a little, oh, I don't know... blood pressure raising activity to your too-quiet days?

Then try this outdated product that is no longer sold in stores and can only be acquired from an elderly friend who has had them in her possession since her children left home some 20 plus years ago!


Be sure to gather ALL of your children around, even the two year old, give them only one pair of tweezers, and remind them to be nice and take turns with the minuscule beads. No shoving, now! Any slight movement will jostle the microscopic beads into the wrong compartment and excessive tweezing will be necessary.

This activity is guaranteed to raise your heart rate, make little children cry, and fill your kitchen with the fragrant odor of melted plastic.

Try it today while supplies last!

This offer does not apply to enrollment with triple advantage.  Void where prohibited.  The activity has been outlawed in the states of Mississippi, Louisiana, California, Washington, Rhode Island, Utah, Idaho, Kentucky, and in the US Virgin Islands.  For use only under the supervision of an individual between the ages of 30 and 57.  Results not typical. Do not drive or operate machinery while using this product.  Side effects may include blurred vision, throbbing temples, high blood pressure, shortness of breath, loss of speech, redness of face, and cardiac arrest.  If you have died from this product contact your veterinarian right away because this may be a sign of a rare but serious side effect.