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Reading Incentive Programs


**Updated: Be sure to check out the comments for more great programs!


Do your children like to read? If not, maybe you could encourage them with a reading incentive program.

My children love to read. A LOT. As in, I find myself saying things like, "Will you please put that book down? It's time for dinner." Just the other day, I was amused when I asked my son what he was reading in The Dangerous Book for Boys [3]. He never looked up from his book and remarked casually, "The Constitution", as if every 13 year old boy reads The Constitution just for kicks.

Whether your kids already love to read or you would like to encourage them to read more, there are some neat ways to reward them for it.  We have signed up for a couple of reading incentive programs that reward kids with cool prizes.

Pizza Hut BOOK IT! National Reading Incentive Program [4]is one.  Each month, if the child meets his reading goals (set by the teacher) he gets a certificate for a free personal pan sized pizza from Pizza Hut.  The sign up deadline for this program is in June, so head on over there to get started.

Six Flags Read to Succeed [5] is another one.  Every child who reads for 600 minutes receives a free ticket to Six Flags! Teachers also get a ticket, so our whole family will be going to Six Flags this summer at no cost!

Both of these programs are homeschool friendly, which is to say they allow homeschoolers to participate. They also allow pre-readers to participate by counting parent read-aloud time.

**I am not receiving any compensation for promoting these. I just think they are neat!

Do you know of any other programs that encourage reading?