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Which is Why I Also Do Not Care For Jabberwocky


Recently I had to take the 3 hour glucose tolerance test at my OB's office. I was not allowed to leave that entire time because they wanted to monitor me and test my blood every hour. Plus, I guess they were afraid I would sneak a bowl of Cap'n Crunch if I were allowed to leave the office. I didn't get elevated blood sugar munching on carrot sticks, you know.

During that 3 hours, I did a lot of reading, and I couldn't help noticing that whoever was in charge of the piped in music was VERY fond of Elton John. Me? Not so much. But no matter, because LUCKY FOR ME I think I heard every song he ever sang. Twice.

When my marathon torture, er, I mean appointment was finally over I hopped into the car and immediately turned on some country music to try to purge the Elton from my brain. I was hoping for some vintage Dolly Parton or George Strait. I need some serious twang to clear my head.

But, do you know what I heard instead? Tim McGraw's remake of Tiny Dancer!

Help me, people. What in the world does this song mean?

Hold me closer tiny dancer (Okay, I'm down with this part.)
Count the headlights on the highway (Huh? So, are they in a car?)
Lay me down in sheets of linen (Or not?)
you had a busy day today (Wha..? This is relevant... how?)

I like words to mean things and when they don't, well, I get all antsy and nervous. Which is why I don't care for Jabberwocky [2], either.  "All mimsy were the borogoves,"?  I beg your pardon? What? Come again? No comprende.

I get that the poem is supposed to be nonsensical, but I like... sense.

So, what kind of music or poetry do you enjoy? What kind grates on your nerves?