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How to Make Jumbo Crayons


Since it is the traditional school year is over and the crayons no longer look all pointy and shiny and new like this


but look like, you know, all broken and dull, I thought it would be the perfect time to make a video tutorial about how to make jumbo crayons out of broken crayon pieces. 

Except between all the art camps and swim lessons and vacation bible schools and new babies needing attention I have precisely ZERO energy left over to apply eye liner and lipstick so you people will continue to be under the illusion that I look anything resembling presentable to the general public.

That's when I got the idea to do a photo tutorial instead of a video. Brilliant, right? No one would be any the wiser that I didn't get a shower today and my hair looks like it hasn't seen the business end of a brush in nigh onto two days. 

But that was right before I remembered that my oldest daughter took the camera to church camp and won't be back until the end of the week.

Sooooo... what you are going to get instead is a fabulous recycled chunky crayon tutorial [3]that looks exactly like what I was planning to show you!  Go ahead and click on that link to see a mighty fun way to make jumbo crayons.

It's a great way to recycle broken crayons and little kids love to color with them to see the marbled results! I even gave them out as party favors one year. I just wrapped two jumbo crayons in some colorful cellophane with a small pad of drawing paper and tied it with some pretty ribbon for each favor.

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