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Little House on the Prairie, The Musical



Last night was the opening night performance of Little House on the Prairie, The Musical at Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth.

So, my girls got their bonnets on and we made our way downtown.


Bass Performance Hall is amazingly beautiful, by the way. If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend going to see it.


The show was wonderful and we even got a chance to meet some of the cast members, including Melissa Gilbert, who played "Ma", after the show. [5]

Here are the pioneer girls waiting for the cast members to make their way to the meet and greet.


Look! It's Laura Ingalls with a tatoo! (Please, don't be jealous of my mad photography skillz.) Melissa Gilbert was very personable and graciously answered questions, even giving us the scoop on what it was like to work with Michael Landon.

I love Melissa's darling hair cut and color and her dress was beautiful, although I believe part of it was AWOL.

The other young lady is the actress who played Laura, and the boy is Melissa Gilbert's son, who played Willie Olsen.

We all had a fantastic time and enjoyed the show immensely!  Tickets are still available [7] if you would like to see the show. Be sure to enter the promotional code FAITH to get the special pricing.