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Back to School ~ Changing Chores


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We are starting up a new back to school schedule soon and I have debated with myself about changing chores around.

On the one hand, I think sameness and routine and predictability help to make a schedule run smoothly. On the other hand, sameness and routine and predictability become boring after a while.

After much thought, I finally decided to shake up our chore assignments and give the kids a little something to look forward to each week.


I used a bag of clothes pins, a Sharpie, and an empty coffee can. I wrote one chore on each clothes pin and tossed them all in the can.

Each child drew out 4 clothes pins, and I explained that these would be the chores for this week. Next week, we would put all the clothes pins back in the can and draw again.

Today was the first day for this new system and it was a little rocky. Some chores were new to some kids and there was a learning curve. I like that everyone will eventually get a turn at loading the dishes, or setting the table, but for now it is causing some extra work for me as I make sure each chore is done correctly.

Some chores needed to be done before others (like unloading the dishwasher and loading it) and there was some wasted waiting time.  I'll need to figure out how to manage this better.

I think I'll give this new system a few weeks before I decide whether I like it.

What about you? Do you keep chore assignments the same or change them regularly?