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Fashion Horror Stories and Dressbarn Gift Card Giveaway


Do you have any fashion horror stories? You know, those moments that will live on in infamy and cause you to close your eyes and shudder some 15 years after the fact?

Does reading other people's fashion horror stories make you laugh and feel a touch better about your own?

I thought so.

So, here's what let's do. Let's share our fashion horror stories, laugh at each other, and then have a drawing for a $25 Dressbarn gift card giveaway! Sound like fun?

I thought so.

I'll go first.

Here is "How Not to Dress For a Wedding Three Week Post Partum [3]".

I hope you don't think that's my only story! There's more! Here is what happens when Silly Putty finds its way [4]... well ... you'll see.

Now it's your turn! Leave your fashion horror story in the comments of this post and Random Number Generator will choose a random comment to win a $25 Dressbarn [5] gift card giveaway! Don't worry if you don't have a Dressbarn where you live. They are adding an internet store this fall!

*Thank you to Dressbarn for the gift card to give away and one to keep!