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Organizing Toothbrushes in a Large Family


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Being a large family makes it tough to organize toothbrushes.

I'm not quite sure what it is about the toothbrushes or the kids, but we are constantly looking for toothbrushes, or hearing complaints about Sister X using Sister Y's toothbrush, or picking up toothbrushes off the floor that the toddler has scattered.

My friend Lynn [4] was so disturbed by my admission that I sometimes tell the kids to just use my toothbrush that she brought me a whole bag of brand new toothbrushes when I met her at Blissdom [5], earlier this year.

I thought I had a great idea a while back when I bought everyone a cup, labeled it with a Sharpie, and put a brand new (labeled) toothbrush and a little (labeled) tube of toothpaste in each one.

That worked for about a week before the 2 year old climbed on the bathroom counter and knocked all the cups and their contents all over the bathroom floor. Pandemonium ensued.

That's why when I went to visit my friend with 11 children [6], one of the issues I wanted to discuss with her is organizing toothbrushes in a large family.

She told me that their family has the same problems with toothbrushes, and they recently tried something that seems to be working.

I was all ears and this is what she shared.


So far, it's working for me!