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Speaking Wife


After being married for over 25 years, I pretty much know what my husband is trying to tell me, even when he says stuff like this:

 "Will you hand me the thing  over by the  doo-hickey?"

or "Have you seen the deeli-bobber? I left it right on the whatchamacallit, but it's gone."

It never fails that I know which thing  he means and I always know which deeli-bobber he's talking about and right where he left it.

He calls it "speaking wife" because every good wife can interpret when her husband speaks in tongues, right?

Well, sometimes he has to interpret what I say, too. I guess I usually assume he knows what I am talking about, and most of the time I am right.

Take the following video, for example. When I called him from the phone in the Chevy Malibu [2] on our way home from the Dallas World Aquarium [3], I was referring to his toe NAIL, which he had just seen the doctor about, but that's not what I said. 

He knew, though. He speaks wife.

The Car Phone [4] from Connie [5] on Vimeo [6].