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4 Moms Open House ~ Storage Solutions


Welcome to the 4 Moms (last) Open House! Today we are showing you our storage "solutions", although a better title for my post would probably be Storage "Issues" because I don't have solutions so much as issues.

Here is our out of season and hand me down clothes storage. We have 4 stacks, 4 boxes high in the garage against one wall. Whenever seasons change or growing children need "new" clothes or shoes, we go shopping in the garage.


Here are two girls who just yesterday got "new" shoes from a garage shopping trip.

Below is an example of how we manage our school storage. These pictures are from last year, though, and this year I have assigned each child an entire shelf for books, tub, and zippered pouch for supplies.



Each child also has a binder where she can keep important papers, drawings, exceptional work, etc. When the binder gets too full, the child culls some of the papers to make more room.

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Now, you get to share your storage solutions! Link up directly your post and be sure to include a link to 4 Moms in that post so your friends can join the fun.