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Juggling in Plain Clothes


The Smockity Family visited the circus last week.

We saw huge elephants balancing on little stools, and trapeze artists, and tigers leaping through fiery rings.

But the most memorable thing I saw was the juggling act. A lady with a colorful, sequined outfit kept 10 rings in the air while twirling and prancing around the ring.

Between twirls, her male partner, complete with matching sequined unitard, would slide in front of her and take over all the hoops, keeping them in the air the entire time.

Periodically, the music would reach a crescendo and the couple would stop their juggling, catch all the hoops, and throw their arms in the air with a flourish, as if to say, "ta-DAH!" while turning to face every section of the arena and smiling expectantly.

The audience obediently applauded and the couple would begin the twirling and juggling all over again.

And the whole time I was thinking, "Psh! I do that every single day, only no one claps when I do it!"

Maybe I need more flourish.

I think I'll start throwing my arms up in the air and shouting, "ta-DAH!" after I've loaded all the dishes in the dishwasher while talking to the insurance agent on the phone and solving sibling squabbles in disjointed sign language.

Changed a poopy diaper with only 2 wipes while going over math facts? ta-DAH!

Finished a reading lesson while nursing the baby and keeping the 2 year old on finger hold? ta-DAH!

If you see me after I've managed to get all 8 kids out to the the van with 2 carts full of groceries, and I throw my arms up in the air with a flourish and look around expectantly while shouting, "ta-DAH!", will you clap for me?


I'm thinking what I need is a sparkly leotard.

(See my amazing juggling abilities [2]for real!)