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Nap time Tip



Here is a nap time tip 15 years in the making.

I have always had my children observe a daily nap time [3].

Every day, like clockwork, at around 1:30, we stop all activity and everyone goes to his or her bed or to a quiet place to rest. 

There is to be no noise or shenanigans, heads must be on pillows, and we all rest for precisely 1 hour.

I have, for the past 15 years, used a kitchen timer to signify the end of the one hour period when the noise and shenanigans may resume. Some of the littlest ones have fallen asleep by that time and the timer may or may not wake them.

I always hated to think of them being startled awake by the timer, but with the older kids wanting to know when their time was up, I continued to set it.

Then, last week an idea came to me that made me wonder why in the world I hadn't thought of it before!

Instead of a kitchen timer, I used a Mozart cd that had a 1 hour play time. I told everyone to listen carefully so they would know when the music stopped because that would let them know when they could get up.

It was wonderful!

I didn't once have to remind anyone to be quiet because they were all listening so intently to the music. When it was over, as I predicted, the little ones had fallen asleep, and there was no rude beeping to awaken them.

So, there ya go. The nap time tip I shall be using from this day forth.

And it only took me 15 years to think of it.

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