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Common Misconceptions About Large Families



Ummmm... no. In fact, I can actually hear my husband laughing from work as he is reading this. I DO try to be organized, but I am a stacker. A piler. A "get to that later"-er. I am always trying different methods to become  organized. I'll let you know when one kicks in.

Ummmm...no. I try  to be patient, I strive toward it daily, but I am woefully aware of my impatience.

No. A plain ol' Christian.

No. In fact, 2 of my pregnancies have landed me in the hospital for 30 days each time with preterm labor. With 2 other pregnancies, I have been assigned to a month each time of bed rest at home [2].

Again with the laughing husband. Ummmm...no. We do have a few easy, compliant children, but we also have a few that are, shall we say, spirited. Spunky. Strong... headed.

Please, excuse me. I need to go revive my husband. He just fainted dead away as a result of his laughing fit.