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Lessons Learned From Moving

Posted By Smockity Frocks On November 17, 2010 @ 6:53 am In Really Funny Stuff | 16 Comments


You would think that when a person has moved 12 times, there would be no more lessons to learn, that a person with so much moving experience would be a pro, an old timer, a seasoned veteran, if you will.

Apparently, I’m a slow learner.

Here are some things I have learned from my latest move:

  • Packing all my shoes, except for flip flops and my high heeled pleather boots [2]is not the best idea I’ve ever had.
  • Flip flops are not suitable shoes for walking to and fro with many heavy boxes.
  • Neither are high heeled pleather boots.
  • Books in boxes are heavy.
  • Actually, I knew that one, but I forgot HOW heavy!
  • Opening boxes of books you haven’t seen in 2 years is like Christmas!
  • Children get easily side tracked by books they haven’t seen in 2 years.
  • It is not fun to live with 9 other people in a house with no running water for 3 days.
  • Running water is a good thing.
  • I love running water.

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