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How To Make Olive Penguins and Cheese Ball Igloo


I have posted before about my olive penguins and cheese ball igloo [2], and I would like to show you step by step how you can make this fun appetizer for yourself.  You will be the hit of any winter party with this dish!

Here are the ingredients you will need for this appetizer:


Make your favorite cheese ball recipe [3]and press it into a bowl lined with plastic wrap.

Press it down well, trying to make sure there are no air pockets, so the igloo will be smooth.

Turn it over to what will be the top of igloo to smooth it with your hands. Then, put it in the fridge to firm up.

Now you are ready to work on the penguins!

Make a vertical slit in one of the jumbo olives. This will be the body, which you will stuff with cream cheese. (You'll use 1/3 of the block to stuff penguins. Save the rest for "icing" the igloo.)

Don't worry too much about being neat. You'll wipe up the excess after it's stuffed. It's at this point that you will have to restrain yourself from popping these little babies into your mouth. Otherwise you won't have enough to make a nice presentation and you'll find yourself running back to the store for more olives.

Wait a minute! Maybe this  is the reason I ran out of olives! I knew I didn't eat that  many!

Smooth out the cream cheese

and wipe off excess with a damp cloth.

Set the body on a carrot slice with a notch cut out. You'll use the notch for the penguin's beak, so don't pop it into your mouth. Not that I am in that habit... or anything...

Now, take one of the smaller olives and cut a horizontal slit where you will put the beak.

Jam the beak into the slit. Go on. It won't hurt a bit.


Next, stab a toothpick through the body into the carrot and set the head on top.  Remind the little guy that this hurts you more than it hurts him.

To make the cute li'l Santa hat, cut a side off the red bell pepper and make a straight edge for the bottom of the hat.

Cut out the cute li'l hat in a size that will fit atop your penguin.


By this time, your penguin will have forgiven you for the violence you previously inflicted on his person, so you can adorn his li'l hat with cream cheese and plunge it onto his head.

Your cheese ball should be chilled by now, so turn it out onto a platter and scoop out an entry way. I like to smear my platter with cream cheese before I do this so it looks like the penguins have been skating around on the ice.

Beat 1/3 of the cream cheese block and 1-2 Tbsp of milk until creamy.

Use the mixture to "ice" the igloo.

Use the final 1/3 of the cream cheese block to make the ice blocks around the igloo entrance.

Drag a toothpick to make block marks in the "icing".


You're finished! Place your penguins!


Dude! Can you believe what she did  to us?!