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4-H Stock Show!


Remember when I told you we went out and bought six rabbits [2] because we felt like we didn't already have enough to take care of around here with eight kids, a turtle, a dog, and five aquariums?

Well, the girls competed in the 4-H stock show and we are very proud of their efforts!

Three rabbits won ribbons and one placed high enough to make it to the auction on Saturday. (Did you know there are auctions for rabbits?! Neither did I!)

The girls learned good lessons about hard work and how it pays to have superior genes, and mom learned that she's apparently allergic to rabbits and being in closed quarters with over 120 of them for 8+ hours in one day makes for a miserable experience.

She also thought she would one day die a happy woman if she ever heard someone say of her what a judge said about one of the rabbits.

"This one would be a winner if it just had more meat on its hind section."