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4 Moms Teach Bible


This week The 4 Moms are discussing teaching Bible in each of our homeschools.

The Smockity Family considers the Bible to be the most important of all books. By reading it, understanding it, meditating on it, we come to know the nature of Almighty God, our very creator. We can learn of God's deep love for us and how we can please Him.

Because of this, we start each day reading the scriptures aloud and discussing them.

We want our children to know and understand what is in the Bible. We often encourage them to search the scriptures to see if what they hear from the pulpit or read in literature is accurate.

Some months we read through Proverbs, one chapter each day.

Since there are 31 chapters, we can read the entire book in one month's time. Proverbs is known as the book of wisdom, and it is a gold mine worth digging into. We read through it several times a year, so the children become very familiar with the concepts. We have lots of good discussions about foolishness and why God would want to warn us against it, and how we can become wise.

Some months we focus on the gospels or letters in the New Testament.

Two years ago, we spent several months pouring over the book of John in preparation for a Bible Bowl competition [2] wherein the students answer 100 questions and are awarded with medals according to the number correct. I am pleased to say that my children received gold medals because they all made 90% or higher on the test!

Each year, the competition is over a different book of the Bible, alternating Old and New Testaments, and we spend many weeks in preparation for this.

We incorporate memorization and oral reading skills.

When we are learning a new piece to memorize, I have the children repeat 3-4 words at a time after me, and we go over it several times a day until everyone has it down.

The children who are readers take turns reading aloud. This makes for great practice in oral reading and also allows for instruction in respectful listening. The children understand that when God's holy word is being read, there is to be no silliness or disrespect.

We like to read straight from the Bible and place no other book or commentary as its equal, but there are a few supplements I use.

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