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The Up Side of Pack Rattishness


Do you know what you get when you have a pack rat for a Grammy? Does "pack rat" seem mean? A keeper. A  saver.  Better?

You get to wear the cowgirl outfit your own mama wore some 40 plus years ago!

Couldn't you just about die from the cuteness?! That's what we were hoping the bidders at the stock show auction [2] would think when we sent these girls out into the ring with the award winning bunny rabbit [3], but we never got to find out what they thought. Do you know why?

See that number on her back? That is what number she was in the line of items up for auction. Thaaaaat's right. There were 170 kids in front of her.

(Checking the program.) "Oh, look! Only 100 more to go!"

So, some of us had to high tail it out of there so a certain newly turned five year old could have her own birthday party, while Daddy stayed behind with the girl and her bunny, because Mama never imagined it would take HOURS ON END to auction off a rabbit and she was silly enough to plan the party on the same day.

All's well that ends well, though. The rabbit went for $400 and we had one happy girl on our hands!