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4 Moms Answer Reader Questions


It is the last Thursday of the month, which means it is time again for The 4 Moms to answer reader questions.

I keep a folder of questions in my inbox, so remember to shoot me an email if you have a question I haven't answered yet.

And now for the questions that have been keeping you up at night.

How do you keep your house from looking like a tornado hit it?

Uh. Obviously you have never been to my house.

It looks like a tornado hit it almost every day. When I am busy with the older kids' school lessons, the little ones will often pull all the books off the shelves, or play "Let's Try On Everything In The Closet", or "Give All The Baby Dolls a Bath and Use Every Towel in the House While We're At It".

We have many "tidy up" or "27 Pick Up [2]" times that I call at random throughout the day.

A detailed “Day in the Life” post would be great!

The 4 Moms actually had the gumption to live blog a day [3]in each of our lives. We even lived to tell about it! You'll want to start at the bottom since I added updates at the top of the post all day that day.

What was life like when you had only young children and no big kid helpers?

It was tough.

The hardest parenting years are when Mommy is the only one in the house who can tie shoes, or pour milk, or buckle car seats, or wipe bottoms. The only thing to do is hang on for dear life and keep putting one foot in front of the other until a little time passes and the oldest ones become more helpful. 

Remember that you are shaping lives and smooch plenty on those little cheeks. One day they won't need you so and you will miss those dependent years. (Humming "Cat's in the Cradle)

Would you elaborate on your nap time routine?

I have always required all of my children to observe 1 hour of "nap time" every day. I have half joked, when asked, that when they graduate from high school they will no longer be required to observe nap time.

Everyone must go to their beds and have heads on pillows. They may read books, and I have gone back and forth with whether or not they may color or draw because of spilled crayons/pencils in the bed that don't get put away.

Occasionally, I separate chatting children and put one on the couch or on my bed so there will be no talking or playing.

I don't mind if they do not fall asleep, as long as there is a solid hour of quiet. Be sure to read about my discovery on keeping kids quiet during nap time [4].

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