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4 Moms Cook With Kids


This week, The 4 Moms are discussing cooking with kids.

I am for it. I'm a believer. A "kids in the kitchen [2]" type.


The thing is, if you are going to cook with kids, you have to give up any expectations of perfection, because in case you haven't noticed it before now, kids are messy. And inaccurate. And they like to lick things.

But once you get over the need for neatness and anything getting done in a timely manner, you will be giving something to your children that no one else can give.


Good times with Mommy.

You might have to give extra concentration to the "good" portion above, because it may be a stretch for you, depending on your tolerance for the messes I mentioned.

Just remember that THEY will remember. They may not recall what you made together or how to measure liquid ingredients, but, mark my words, years from now they will remember the time they spent in the kitchen with you.

Keep these things in mind when cooking with children:

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