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4 Moms Teach Reading


This week, each of The 4 Moms is discussing the details of how we teach reading.

As for me, I have used the very same book, Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons [2], now missing its cover, with six children to date.

(You can see a short video of a reading lesson [3]where I am using this book with my then five year old.)

I was introduced to this book by a friend who told me that she was teaching her four year old to read. I was skeptical until she showed me that he really could  read. He was not just repeating familiar, memorized stories, but he was actually sounding out words he had not seen before.

I immediately went to the nearest book store and began teaching my very own four year old, our oldest child, to read. She sailed right along, catching on quickly, and I thought, "Why, of course, she is picking it up easily! Obviously, superior parenting along with an excellent teaching tool are the keys to success!"

And I continued thinking that whole superior parenting bit until I bumped into trying to teach a couple of children who live at my house who seemed to wake up every morning completely phonics free.

At that point I abandoned the "superior parenting" stance, but I still stand by the "excellent teaching tool".

This book will NOT magically make reading easy for every child. What it will  do is lay down a very strong ground work of phonics that will give your child a boost into the world of books.

And there will be no stopping them after that!

Now, see how the other moms teach reading:

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