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I Let My Kids Paint on the Wall!


Really! I did!

A friend of mine did this once and I have always wanted to give it a try!

Here is what you need if you are brave enough to give this project a try:

First, I laid the frames out on the floor in a grouping I liked.

I used the frames to mark the wall where they were headed and I painted around the markings to cover the wall with a fresh coat of the quart of pale blue paint.

While I was doing that, My Madison gave the frames a quick once over with some paint from the quart.

Those were left to dry and I let each child paint WHATEVER THEY WANTED in one of the spaces a frame would soon outline. They LOVED this part! There were a few drips and do overs, but no major mishaps.

Some kids carefully sketched their art first with a pencil.

And some preferred to use only paint.

When the frames were dry (after about an hour) I spray painted them with a nice cream color, and let that dry before sanding them lightly to let the wall color paint show through and to give it a distressed, antique-ish look.

When you have lots of kids, almost all of your furnishings will have a distressed, antique-ish look. Come to think of it, so will your carpet, your car, and probably even your clothes.

No worries, though, because you will have the most admired guest bathroom in town! My kids are so proud of their work and so am I!
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