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Neighbors and Baby Animals


I never wrote much about it, but our former neighbors didn't, er, take to  children very well.

They didn't like children walking on their lawn. They didn't like to hear children laughing on our trampoline. They didn't like to see the bicycles children left in our driveway.

They simply didn't like children at all. 

We knew these things, not merely from heavy sighs, but from security officers coming to our door reporting complaints and from direct, red faced confrontations.

Our new neighbors, however and praise the Lord, LOVE our children!

They were never able to have children of their own, they told us, so they have lived a long life loving animals and other people's children.

Recently, our girls found that one of their goats had given birth to twins in the woods on a bitter, cold, snowy day. One of the babies had frozen to death and the other was alive, but frozen to the ground, unable to move.

The girls and their brother worked together to distract the nervous mother goat and the Great Pyrenees standing guard, pry the baby from the frozen ground, wrap him in a towel and run him to the neighbor's house.

They were so thankful for all the children did, since they love their animals as if they were children, that they said they were "pleased beyond measure" with what was done and they couldn't have been prouder of any children than if they were their own!

WE are pleased beyond measure to be blessed with such wonderful neighbors!

They have given the girls two baby goats to bottle feed, since some of the mothers have had quadruplets that are not getting adequate milk.

Our children are absolutely thrilled!

We just couldn't be more pleased with our new neighbors. They have allowed our children to see a baby goat actually being born, to care for the baby goats, AND be the first to see a brand new baby donkey!

I thank God for knowing our neighbors needed us and we needed them!