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4 Moms Answer Reader Questions



It is time, once again, for another episode of "Whatcha Wanna Know?"

Each of the 4 Moms is choosing a few reader questions and providing our best answers for those.

Here are the questions I have chosen today:

Do you have a vehicle big enough to fit your whole family? Is it a necessity with a family that big or is it feasible to sometimes just take 2 vehicles when you need to?

We bought a used Suburban for our family car when we were expecting our fifth child, and that vehicle transported us comfortably until I was heavily pregnant with our seventh. We knew that, when our new baby came along, all of us together wouldn't be able to go anywhere  in that Suburban. Since we like going places together, we decided to trade in the Suburban and purchase a used 15 passenger van, which was surprisingly inexpensive, as far as vehicles go.

It turns out they aren't that high in demand in terms of cool cars. Who knew?

How many kids do you have in each bedroom?

We have 3 girls in one bedroom, 3 girls in the sunroom-turned-bedroom, 1 boy in his own room, and the baby in our room. We would like to build on to our 3 bedroom house to make 2 more bedrooms and another bathroom, but we are waiting until we find a bag of money on the side of the road to begin that project.

What are your older kids thinking about college?

Our oldest is thinking that unless we find another bag of money on the side of the road, she had better plan on getting a scholarship or working her way through her tuition just like her mama did back in the 1980's.

Oh. Wait.

That is actually what I am thinking about college.

She is actually thinking she can take dual credit courses and test out of enough classes to graduate from high school as a college sophomore, and then she will take a year off to work and save money to pay for a local state college education, while living at home.

This is all new ground for us, though, so I would LOVE advice in this area if you have experience!

How do you handle the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and Santa Claus?

We let our kids in on the gag from the get go. We all have fun pretending they are real, but we make no secret of the fact that it is really Mommy and Daddy who give you the goods.

We tell them that some parents like to surprise their kids and not tell them the real deal until they are older, but you had better keep your kids away from ours in a couple of weeks if they don't know, because loose lips run in our family.

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