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4 Moms Answer Reader Questions



Hello Dear Friends,

It is that time in the show when The 4 Moms answer reader questions. Remember to email your question if you have one burning a hole in your medulla oblongata. (And I would see a doctor for that if I were you. That has GOT to hurt!)

The first question, although, the author didn't reveal this, sounds like it comes from a mother of young children:

How do you find time for projects which need to be done and require your undivided focus, and which the children can’t help with?

When I had only young children, I had to wait to do painting projects or needlework or the like until the children were down for a nap or in bed for the night.

I do remember lamenting to a friend, when I had 3 children under 6 that I never had time for the smocking that I loved to do. She told me then, that maybe it wasn't the "season for smocking".

Whenever you have lots of littles with no bigger kids or grandparents to watch them, it is not so much the "season" for those extensive projects that can't be done with little children around.

Don't despair, though! Once they get a little older, you will be able to count on them to behave, or at least tattle on each other when they don't, long enough to get a few things done.

My son is 7 and he can read some books like "A Fly Went by" with some help with words that we have not covered and can easily read the little readers.  He says that he doesn't like to read because it's just too hard.  Should I just get him to continue reading the readers?  How many in a day?  And read one or two pages of the harder ones in a day? He is not interested.  Some days it is welcomed and some not.

I have had a couple of readers like this. They could sound out the words and make out the story, but they did NOT enjoy learning to read or practicing the reading skills.

I made them do reading lessons every day in the beginning and they read aloud to me every day after they completed Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons [3]. I can not say how many he should read because I do not know him. You won't want to exasperate him and cause him to dread reading, but neither will you want to let him get off too easily by allowing him to choose whether or not he will practice his reading.

I am not easily moved by tears, and I don't let my children do only work they are interested in. I would say continue to have him read the easy readers aloud and at least a portion of the more difficult ones every day. It will become easier with practice.

Both of my reluctant readers have become eager readers!

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