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4 Moms Eat Inexpensively While Traveling



This week, The 4 Moms are giving our best tips for eating inexpensively while traveling.

When The Smockity Bunch travels, whether it is to go on our annual dude ranch vacation [3]or when we are traveling out of town to a funeral, we try to pinch our pennies just as we would every other day of the year.

This means we won't be eating out much, because have you ever seen the bill when 10 people eat out? Even at a drive through, it's a hefty chunk of change! And since we like to keep our change in our pockets, we try to avoid eating out as much as possible.

If our whole family DOES eat out at bona  fide restaurant, it is because 1) we have a gift card 2) someone is treating us or 3) it is a VERY rare treat and special occasion.

That means we usually pack an ice chest with sandwiches, drinks, snacks, and frozen casseroles in disposable foil containers when we are going on a trip.

If we know we will be gone for more than a couple of days, like when we take our ranch trip, I also pack a box of kitchen staples,  like cooking oil (for our fish fries [4]), my homemade Bisquick mix [5], homemade pancake syrup [6], crackers, canned tuna, loaves of bread, any other foods we want, and of course, ingredients for s'mores.

Since we always stay in a cabin with a fully furnished kitchen, we eat IN while we are there, and save a bundle in the process.

If we find it necessary to go through a drive through, we shop from the dollar menu and the little ones share since they don't eat a whole burger. (Will anyone else admit to paying for one of those kids' meal bags and finding an ENTIRE uneaten hamburger in the bottom after the kiddies have run off to play with their junky toy?!)

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