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A Thank You Note



My entire family is absolutely overwhelmed with gratitude for all of the prayers, encouragement, support, and offers of help during our sudden unemployment [3]!

We have friends far and wide, folks we have known for years, and those we have never met, some we grew up with, some we have come to know through the wonders of the internet, who have all rallied to boost us up when we were down.

We have received hundreds of emails, Facebook messages, blog comments, hugs, countless prayers, groceries, diapers, cash, advice, and leads on possible job opportunities.

I feel a little like a two year old, trying to tie my shoes who stubbornly says, "No! I do it myself!"  I want to be able to do this myself, but, like a two year old, I realize I really do need help, that I can't do it all by myself.

It seems strange to say that we feel more richly blessed this week than ever before.

Thank you, dear friends. Thank you so much for being there for us!