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The Three Sister’s Gardening Method


Have you had the opportunity to work in your garden this week?

I LOVE going out there to water, check growth, pick weeds, and dream of all the produce we will (hopefully) get. It amazes me to think of how God provides for us. And am I the only one who finds gardening SO relaxing?

(In case you missed it, we had a MAJORLY stressful event last week. See my post on How to Survive a Layoff - Our Plan of Action [2]to catch up.)

Since my camera took a very bouncy trip down a flight of stairs, I don't have any pictures to share, but I had a SUPER smart brainstorm this week! At least I think it's super smart and I'm sticking with the super smart label until someone tells me otherwise.

I have been wanting to plant some more climbing peas, but didn't think I had any more garden space available. That's when I remembered the three sisters [3]! Have you heard of them?

The Native Americans used to plant corn, squash, and beans in a mound, and each plant would benefit the other. The beans use the corn as a trellis, and the squash spreads out and provides ground cover to eliminate weeds!

So, I got out my pea seeds and planted one next to each 6 inch tall corn stalk. Now they will have a "pole" to climb!

So, that's my tip for you for this week. PLUS, I absolutely love these 2 fabulous books on gardening I got a few weeks ago:

What have you done in your garden this week?

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