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Frugal Gardening 101: The Busy Mom’s Guide


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Are you a busy mom who would like to manage a small garden? Welcome to the first post in a weekly series on Frugal Gardening!

Each Wednesday throughout the spring and summer I will be collaborating with Amy's Finer Things [3]and Getting Freedom [4] to show you how even busy moms on a budget can grow food FROM DIRT!

I know! It's like you can be a super hero, isn't it?! We really need to fashion some kind of cape for this project, because, seriously? Pulling food out of the DIRT?! That's just about fourteen flavors of FABULOUS!

And guess what? We'll be giving YOU the opportunity to show us YOUR gardens, too, because starting next week this series will be a linky!

You can join the fun with these simple steps:

Now, take a look at what I have done so far in the way of frugal vegetable gardening [5]!


Oh, looky there! A darling baby! How'd that picture get in here?!


This discarded tractor tire that my husband brought home is holding peas and beans. (Don't worry. This area is hidden by the garage. Only the cows in the next pasture can see it.)

We decided to give raised bed gardening [8] a try this year and we have managed to spend a big fat NOTHING on the containers because my awesome husband managed to find lots of suitable ways of making raised beds. (I read up on using old tires for vegetable gardens [9] and they are fine!)


Here is another tire with some cantaloupe. CAN'T WAIT!


I used popsicle sticks to mark my crops. Nothing's to fancy for us.

What about you? How does YOUR garden grow?