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Free Ranging Chickens


Remember when we got our mail order chicks delivered to the post office [2]?

Well, those cute little peepers have grown into quite the young ladies!

When they were little, we kept them in a box in a storage shed that we would soon turn into our hen house. As they got older and bigger, they came out of the box, but stayed in the shed. During that time, we made sure the fencing was secure and gave them plenty of places to roost in the shed.

Now, they are 9 weeks old and we have finally opened the door to the great outdoors. They love to scratch and peck for insects and seeds.

Each morning we open the door and they venture out. Every evening at sunset, we call them to come in and they have FINALLY figured out they will get food if they do. (If you are a fan of Smockity Frocks on Facebook [3], you know this learning curve was quite steep for us and the chickens. Let's just say there was a fishing net and lots of squawking involved in getting them in at night before the procedure became clear to them.)

We like to walk down to the hen house to check on them throughout the day.

Whenever you check on chickens, you should ALWAYS look your best.

Purple wig: optional