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How to Lose Baby Weight


This week The 4 Moms of 35 kids are discussing how to lose baby weight. If you just noticed that last number, that means we have had plenty of practice with this particular topic.

Be sure to check out the rest of my team to see how they manage to do it!

As for me, each time I have a baby I gain somewhere close to 50 pounds, and on a 5'1" frame, that is not pretty. In fact, it is downright portly. Imagine a potato with feet and you've got a pretty good picture.

That weight does NOT just fall right off for me after I give birth like it does for those hateful, skinny pregnant ladies, even though I have nursed all my babies.

I have heard that nursing is the magic bullet for some when it comes to losing baby weight, but not for me. The nursing seems to make it more difficult for me because I am always so hungry. Because of this, I have to make a concentrated effort to not eat as much as I would like to.

One time of day it is a little easier for me to remember this is between dinner and bedtime. If I am hungry after dinner, I try my best not to eat anything at all. I tell myself that I will be asleep in a little while and I'll never know that I am hungry, but my body will be hard at work burning up those 50 pounds of fat stores.

This is not to say that I starve myself. I don't.

I pay careful attention to how my baby reacts when I nurse, and if there is repeatedly a pattern of  fussing after very short nursing periods, I know that my milk supply is low and I need to bump up the calorie intake.

I never lose the last 10 pounds or so until I finish nursing the baby at around the one year mark (which will be tomorrow for our littlest bundle).  After I am through nursing, I can excercise more and reduce my calories without worrying about my milk supply, and after a few weeks, I usually lose the rest of my baby weight.

What are your experiences with losing baby weight?