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How We Are Keeping Busy During the Layoff



There is a lot of waiting during a layoff [2]. Waiting for an opportunity. Waiting for an office to open. Waiting for a call back.


Staying busy and being productive have helped us to cope. At least we feel like we are planning for the future in some small way during this uncertain time.

Here we are preparing a plot of land our sweet neighbors have generously said we could garden.

One of the blessings of having Daddy home is being able to spend time working with him.

Lots of space for planting!

Here is our girl taking a break to listen to a story of the time in 1937 when our neighbor got in big trouble because he caught his brand new corduroy britches on fire right here on this very land.

One of the things that has helped us tremendously in keeping our spirits up is to focus on our blessings. We have been on the receiving end of many comments, emails, handwritten letters, gifts, phone calls, and prayers. It seems repetitive to say, but I will say it again.

We are simply overwhelmed with the goodness of God and the kindness of friends.

Here is a note I got in the mail from a sweet friend I have never met who heard about our layoff.This made my day! Thank you, Emma!

If you are going through a layoff:

If you have gone through a layoff, what have you found to be helpful while waiting?