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Large Family Moms Answer Your Questions


The 4 Moms, 35 Kids are answering reader questions this week. If you have a question that you would like a large family mom to answer, leave it in the comments here or email it privately if you wish.

We have four children 5 and under and my husband works out of town four days a week.  Recently we have been traveling with him every other week where he works so the family can be together more.  We stay in a hotel that does not have a kitchenette and may or may not have a microwave.  We eat meals in to save money.  I need some ideas for meals that are easy to fix and clean up.  I do have a Nu-Wave oven that I took with us last time, which helped out some.  Any ideas from your or your readers would be greatly appreciated!  Also, ideas for entertaining little ones in the room is great too!

When my husband played golf professionally, we travelled with our 2 small children all around the state of Florida during one winter. We went from one hotel to the next for 2 solid months. I packed puzzles, coloring books, and videos, but the most popular item for keeping the little ones entertained was a wooden train track set [2].

As for food, what about packing your Crockpot? I have never used the liners, but if the price isn't prohibitive, that would make cleanup a snap! Check out my post with over 100 Crockpot recipes [3]for ideas on easy meals.

You always look so pretty and put together!

How do you find time for beauty and how do you keep it all pulled together? By the time my husband gets home in the afternoon I have glue in my hair, pudding on my shirt (or something that looks like pudding), and highlighter yellow finger tips.

Please help this new homeschool mommy find a way to keep from looking like a chewed rag.

Well, thank you! The truth is you only see the pictures and videos I choose to put on here. I promptly delete all chewed rag photos!

One morning as I was putting lotion on my face, my 7 year old asked, "Does that lotion get rid of wrinkles?" I replied, "Yes, it does." "GOOD!" she sighed with relief.

She is the same extremely truthful child who, when I had brushed out my very frizzy hair one day, caught herself just short when she said, "Mommy!You look like a wi... like a crazy person!"

I try to look nice when I am going out or expecting company, but some days, I'm just glad if I don't have spit up in my hair. I usually give myself 10-15 minutes to throw on some eyeliner and lipstick and check for stains on my shirt or peanut butter hand prints on my rear, and I call it good.

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