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Menu Plan – Shopping From the Pantry


Since my husband got laid off [2]unexpectedly last week, several sweet friends have blessed us with groceries to fill our pantry and freezer.

Our menu plans for the next weeks will be using up those stores of food, and hopefully staying away from the grocery store so we can use what is in our bank account for our mortgage payment.

The food we were given includes:

Here is our menu plan for dinners this week:

Monday - Baked Chicken Leg Quarters with black beans, corn and rice [3].

Tuesday - Spaghetti with homemade artisan bread [4]

Wednesday - Chicken and dumplin's (with leftover chicken from Monday) using my homemade Bisquick mix [5].

Thursday - Lentil and Rice Burritos [6]

Friday - Grilled Pork Chops with beans and corn


Saturday - Chicken Spaghetti [8]

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