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Spelling Power – Homeschool Curriculum Review



Are you thinking about homeschool spelling curriculum for next year?

Spelling Power [3] is a complete spelling program for grades 3-12. It uses the 5,000 most frequently used words in the English language, organized by spelling rules.

It comes complete with placement tests, to determine where each child should begin. Each lesson lasts approximately 15 minutes and involves a test and practice activities to help the child remember how to spell the words missed on the test.

We have used Spelling Power off and on over the years, and I really like the word lists. The placement tests make it a cinch to figure out where to start with each child and the book is packed with activities for practicing misspelled words.

Spelling Power has received mostly 5 stars on Amazon reviews, and I can see why. It is a comprehensive program. You will never have to buy another spelling list or workbook if you use this.

One of the things I did NOT like about this book, and this is probably just a quirk with my family, is that my kids would BEG me to study the words before I gave them the test. They did not like having to guess how to spell words they were not prepared to spell.

That is not how this book works, though. The idea is that they are given a pre-test, essentially, to see what words they need to practice. Any words they spell correctly are not practiced.

This was very stressful, particularly to a couple of my children. To them, it seemed like one of those nightmares where you show up at school to take a final exam you forgot to study for.

Overall, I really like Spelling Power for a comprehensive spelling curriculum.

Just don't try it out on high strung children without preparing them that they will likely miss some words on each test and that is okay.

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