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Do you ever browse through the pictures on your camera card and come upon some photos that you have NO idea how they got there or who took them?

That happens around here about once a week.

That's why when I found this photo of one of the kids INSIDE the dryer, I was all, "Huh. Well, I'll be. The kids have been playing in the dryer again."

I did find it very clever that they had the creativity and the group planning skills to turn the camera upside down to get the look of the dryer spinning around. (You'll notice the girl's hair in this photo gives away the fact that she wasn't really upside down.)

And after I thought that, I announced, "No more kids in the dryer! I'm serious this time!" (Do normal parents make such statements?)

I often find blurry close ups of fingernails and toes and eyeballs on my camera card. And clouds. LOTS of clouds. One time I found a photo of a dung beetle pushing a piece [3] of, well.. you know, across the street with his hind legs.

Oh, alright! I admit to taking that one myself, but it's not every day you come across something like that! I had to document it!

Huh. Well, I'll be. Maybe they get it from me.

What is the strangest thing you have ever found on your camera card?

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