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Favorite Naptime or Bedtime Read Aloud Books


The 4 Moms are sharing naptime management tips. Be sure to see what the rest of my team has to say about naptime:

As for The Smockity Family, we love our naptimes!

Everyone goes to their beds, or couches, or designated quiet places for one solid hour of absolutely no talking or noise. I don't care whether they go to sleep, but heads must be on pillows and there must be no noise.

There is so much noise and activity in our family all day long, that an hour of quiet rest is a welcome break for all of us.

Some of the activities I allow during naptime are:

Some of the activities I don't allow because of mess or noise:

I used to use a timer to let everyone know when an hour was up, until I figured out this ingenious naptime tip [5]!

Here are some of the books and CD's we like for pre-naptime or bedtime readings:

Now we would like to know what books you recommend for naptime or bedtime reading! Link up to share your favorites. Here's how:

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3. Your blog post must be completely family friendly.
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